2015-2022 Mustang Dash-integrated Mirror-less HUD

2015-2022 Mustang Dash-integrated Mirror-less HUD


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World's first, Heads Up Display for 2015-2022 Mustangs


Key Features

  • Sleek Design - Dash-integrated and Mirrorless for maximum OEM look
  • Unconventional off-centered HUD position - Right in the middle of Road
  • ODB2 plug and play - Easy installation
  • Digital speedo, speed limit warning (colour change) and more*
  • Available in both RHD and LHS
*Other functions on final product are subject to change.

    What's in the Package

    • Centered dash top cover trim replacement (sided)
    • HUD Main Unit
    • HUD to ODB2 connector harness


    First Look & Status Update

    Pre-production Demo

    Night-time Video

      Day-time Video

      Brief Intro

      Installation Guide