About Us

Established in August 2015, ExoticPonyMods is founded with a passion and a relentless pursuit for quality aftermarket Mustang products. EPM is dedicated in sharing and creating rare aftermarket Gems for pony cars. 

Started from one single product and one single market, EPM has now researched, developed, manufactured more than 10 different products. Its custom base has also reached more than 40 countries and territories around the globe. This is testimony for EPM's products' quality and uniqueness. 

EPM has also developed many partners in Australia, Germany, UK, USA and in China.

EPM's founder Ray has received Electrical & Electronics Engineering bachelor and master's degrees from the University of Melbourne. He has grown a passion for automotive via his earlier encounters with locally manually V8s and Japanese imports.

ExoticPonyMods HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia, which provides an end to end products and service experience for customers including online retail/whole sale, workshop, media content creation, innovation and overall strategy of the company. Whereas the R&D and manufacturing operations in the US and China are responsible for creating new products.

Despite the pressure of Covid-19 on manufacturing and logistics, EPM has managed to maintain its market share in this high specialized muscle car industry. 

EPM is currently going through an exciting phase of expansion of its Melbourne warehouse & workshops.