2015-2023 S550 Mustang GT Premium Stainless Steel Speaker Cover

ST Sporttech

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Like the latest Mercedes Benz speaker covers? You can have them in your Mustang too. This will give it a more classy and sophisticated look. They are not over the top, but has a rather subdued and discrete finish.

These are light weight laser cut stainless steel. Specially created to fit 2015+ Mustangs. Simply stick them on.
This is compatible with all 2015-2018 standard Non-USDM S550 Mustangs, premium speaker packaged USDM mustangs






  • Individually packed, 2 x Tweeter cover on the A pillars;
  • Individually packed, 2 x Mid-range speaker cover near the door handle
  • Individually packed, 2 x Base speaker cover at the bottom of the door
  • 3m adhesive enchancers


  1. Clean the surface around the speakers, get rid of dust and moisture
  2. Peel off the clear tape at the back of the covers
  3. Align the cover and push HARD but carefully around the edges
  4. If desired, apply some 3M adhesive enhancers before sticking them on.