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2015-2022 MUSTANG EPM 3A3R USDM EURO/AUS/UK Compatible Multi-mode Sequential Full Taillight Assembly


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Since 2015 ExoticPonyMods have created a few innovative product solutions for 2015+ Mustang taillights. Namely the plug and play tail light sequencers and the triple amber triple red taillight LED upgrade kits.

Both product families were very successful, quickly reaching Mustang owners in many corners around the globe from 41 countries or territories. EPM has in term developed dealers and local workshops in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Philippines, China, USA, Japan (to mention a few).

Throughout the journey, EPM has received inquires about many different requirements that Mustang enthusiasts are hoping for, so we realized that there are still custom needs out there that are yet to fulfilled.


New Product Introduction

Quick Comparison - 2015 Stock vs 2018+ 7-mode Single Region Clear

DEMO - 7-mode SINGLE non-USDM Single Region

7-mode EPM with Emark vs Knockoff 5 modes with fake Emark

INTRO - 5-mode DUAL Region

USDM & International Dual Region 5-mode

One major purpose of these lights is to allow exported USDM (US domestic market) Mustangs to be homogenized with Amber turn signals. USDM Mustangs have red indicator signals which are illegal in most other countries. And because the BCMs are different, it is not possible to simply install EURO version of the clear taillights directly on USDM Mustangs.

These lights can also satisfy US Mustang owners who are looking for an taillight upgrade into 2018 style and also changing to a different lens colour.

Please note, due to the power limitation on the USDM body modules, the Amber turn signals on the Dual Region 5-mode lights are not as bright as the ones on the stock EURO/AUS/Asia Mustangs. The Red LED colors however are unaffected.

For non-USDM Mustang customers who are expecting brighter Amber color turn signals, we would recommend the single region 7-mode version which are available to our dealers.

EURO/AUS/ASIA Single Region 7-mode

For all other international Mustangs, the Triple Amber Triple Red (3A3R) kits are now pre-installed in Full Taillight Assemblies. Customers can simply do a plug and play swap. These are mainly for customers wanting the 18+ style or colour upgrade. This also saves some customers from modifying the lights 

Customer Photos

2015-2020 EPM 3A3R Mustang 3A3R Taillight Assembly

2015-2020 EPM 3A3R Mustang Sequential Taillight Assembly

2015-2020 EPM 3A3R Mustang Taillight Assembly

2015-2020 EPM 3A3R Mustang Taillight Assembly


Dual Region 5-mode fits all 2015-2020 Mustangs in all countries.

EURO/AUS/ASIA 7-mode fits all 2015-2020 Mustangs in international markets, such as Europe, Australia, UK, Asia, South America, Africa etc.


USDM/Non-USDM Dual Region 5-modes

Uses Osram 1W LED SMT technology
Modes changeable at the driver seat using EPM proprietary mode change operation . 5 Modes include:

  • Amber Sequential Mode
  • Amber Cursor Mode
  • Triple Amber Mode
  • All Red USDM mode
  • EURO/AUS/Asia Factory Mode

EURO/AUS/ASIA Single Region 7-modes

Utilizes Osram 3W LED SMT technology
Modes changeable at the driver seat using EPM proprietary mode change operation . 7 Modes include: (Same as the 3A3R upgrade kit, adding 2 retro braking to amber sequential and cursor modes compared to the 5-mode version)

  • Mode 1: Cursor Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
  • Mode 2: Sequential Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake (Default Mode)
  • Mode 3: Cursor Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake
  • Mode 4: Triple Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake (Indicator Priority)
  • Mode 5: All RED Mode (USDM) (Indicator Priority)
  • Mode 6: Sequential Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
  • Mode 7: Factory Mode 

    How to Switch Modes:

    1. Switch ACC On
    2. Light switch to OFF "0" position
    3. Brake and keep brake pressed
    4. Flip light switch in quick succession between ON and OFF (n+2) Times, n = Mode Number (For example, for Mode 3, you would need to switch light On and Off 3+2 = 5 times.)
    5. Flip Hazard light to ON for more than 1 second (Tail Light should go in Neon Mode, flashing RED and Amber alternatively)
    6. Flip Hazard light to OFF
    7. Release Brake
    8. Check the mode switch is successful
    9. Update: In-car mode change is now available to MY2020-21 Mustangs.

    In the Packaging

    • 2018+ Style Taillight Pair x 1
    • USDM to EURO adaptor x 1 (Dual Region version only)
    • USDM brake light harness x 1 (Dual Region version only)
    • User manual

    Standards & Patents

    Patent #CN110877566A

    UN Approval Number (7-mode only):





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