2015-2018 2019 AUS EURO spec Mustang Triple Amber Triple Red 3A3R Sequential Tail Light LED Upgrade Kit

2015-2018 2019 AUS EURO spec Mustang Triple Amber Triple Red 3A3R Sequential Tail Light LED Upgrade Kit


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This is maybe what Ford should have done in the AUS/EURO Mustangs...

To complete the original intended design cue, EPM has engineered this 3A3R LED Upgrade Kit. This kit will allow your AUS EURO UK (all non-USDM) mustangs to have proper TRIPLE RED and TRIPLE AMBER leds inside of them to display the desired signal patterns. And like previous EPM products, we have added customerizable logic that user could set easily in the drivers seat.

For Plug and Play Sequencers please use this link.

For 2018+ Style 3A3R Full Taillight Assembly please use this link.

Feature Highlights

  • Upgrade stock LEDs inside Tail Lights, with integrated Drivers and Controllers
  • Adding Triple Amber and Triple Red Capability
  • Exceptionally Engineered to work seamlessly with OE factory harness and factory boards
  • 7 popular modes to select from drivers seat
  • Factory mode restore for peace of mind
  • Robust design - operating range -20 to 80 degrees C
  • Certain modes are road legal in different countries
  • Patents Pending

Available Modes:

  • Mode 1: Cursor Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
  • Mode 2: Sequential Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake (Default Mode)
  • Mode 3: Cursor Amber Indicator + Ease-in (Retro) Red Brake
  • Mode 4: Triple Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake (Indicator Priority)
  • Mode 5: All RED Mode (USDM) (Indicator Priority)
  • Mode 6: Sequential Amber Indicator + Triple Red Brake
  • Mode 7: Factory Mode 

It intelligently reuses the outermost LED bars the factory tail lights and reprograms them to work with the 2 new EPM boards per tail light. Some of highest quality LED bulbs (OEM - Osram/Kree); a very efficient voltage setup driver board are used for best performance as well as Molex plugs for maximum compatibility. The brightness are matched to exact factory set legal intensities. Improved total brightness.

This kit will require the tail lights to be opened and modified. We will recommend a professional job for this.

Promo Vid

2015-2017 Model Review

2018+ Model Review


Full Operations Video

How to Switch Modes:

  1. Switch ACC On
  2. Light switch to OFF "0" position
  3. Brake and keep brake pressed
  4. Flip light switch in quick succession between ON and OFF (n+2) Times, n = Mode Number (For example, for Mode 3, you would need to switch light On and Off 3+2 = 5 times.)
  5. Flip Hazard light to ON for more than 1 second (Tail Light should go in Neon Mode, flashing RED and Amber alternatively)
  6. Flip Hazard light to OFF
  7. Release Brake
  8. Check the mode switch is successful

Review - Mode 2

Review RED Tinted Tail Lights


This is a somewhat challenging installation. We would recommend professional installation by our authorized workshops. Self-installation instructional videos will be made available to purchasers, should one choose to proceed with the DIY game. And below video demonstrates the inner wiring of the boards.

2015-2017 Wiring Part:

2018+ Wiring Part:

First Look - Mode 6

First Look - Mode 1

2018+ 3A3R Kits Now Available


Direct OE board replacement using supplied harness

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