The Illusive Coilovers Noise - Mustang Pedders Extreme XA Coilovers

Sometimes finding the illusive coliover noise can be extremely difficult, but not this time.

Btw, these coilovers were great. In fact most would agree with me, any coilovers would transform the ride of this base model S550 pony quite well. Reducing body roll and shorten damping time, allowing driver to cut more precious corner and reduce wheel hops when you put the foot down.

Installed Pedders Exteme XA Coilovers in my workshop and all is well.

Then a few days later there was some this noise from the back, metal clunking noise. Quickly identified that was caused by the bottom locking ring for the height adjustment, became lose. Tighten that up and all was good again.

Then a few months later, there was some really really subtle metal noise from maybe front left, sounds like a rusty hinge or old floor boards...Maybe was the shocks, maybe was control arm or door hinge...So I went on a bit of detective mode and here is a video about it:

Well it was not any of the locking rings, but the top Spring Bushing Nut need a bit tightening. I am sure this is a very common problem, but would like to document it. So other people would be able to find out what is going on quickly.


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