Kickstarter Project: 2015-2018 USDM BCM to EURO/AUS Taillights Adaption and Sequencer Module (EPM010817T)

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Ford Mustang S550 is Ford's first globally released Mustang and has been a great success. There are slight vehicle variations in different markets. In particular, all USDM Mustangs have RED taillights, that only have RED sequential LED bars inside of them, while all other international Mustangs have CLEAR WHITE tail lights that comes with 2xRED (brake) and a single Amber (blinker).

Market Demand

The demand originates from 2 main sources.

The first one is that USDM owners in the states simply want something that looks different. May it is the color of the lights; maybe its the color of the LED bars or maybe they simply wants a different look to stand out in the crowd.

The second source comes form a more 'legit' reason. Some USDM Mustangs are directly imported into overseas market, but the full RED USDM taillights are illegal (no Amber indicator), they had to install the EURO spec tail lights instead. Hence they needed something to adapt the USDM body modules to the EURO spec tail lights.

About EPM

EPM is a Automotive Technology company in Melbourne funded about 1.5 years ago by a group of established and passionate blokes each have been successful in their own fields such as telecommunications; electronics R&D, aftermarket car modification franchises, etc. It is dedicated to niche but quality car ad-dons that truly adds value to their owners.

Product & Solution

EPM has already completed a prototype for this application. The prototype has been fully road tested. We needed the market indication to justify the continuation of the production of this product.

In fact, to adapt the USDM body module for the EURO spec light is no trivial task.

The full documentation of this product and its installation is available for download here.


On Kickstarter, we have started a campaign to see if there are enough need to further development on this module. If you are interested in this module, please support the product on this Kickstarter Project.

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  • I would like to Purchase one as well for a 2019 GT

  • Hi Ramano, For your application, u can just purchase below variation:

  • Hi buddy, I need the opposite connector:
    I live in Italy and I have a 2017 European Mustang with clear lights, I wanna install the red tails USA version (that I have already bought) but the plugs are different.

    Can you make such adapter for me?
    I can buy it and pay you with PayPal.

    Please lemme know and thanks in advance.

    Cesare Romano
  • I really need the adapter for 2018 US Model Mustang with Euro tail.

  • Service is excellent and this guy is the GURU of mustangs!!!


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