HSV GTSR W1 vs AMG C63S vs M3 vs Giulia Quadrifoglio - A Tribute to the last Australian Made Car

The HSV GTSR W1 is yet to be a perfect Sedan, but it is the best Australian made car ever. What a way to put an end to the the Ozzie story.

Drag race between some of the most iconic 4-door sedans:

  • Mercedes C63S AMG
  • BMW M3
  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Spoiler Warning - The winner is the HSV GTSR W1 (Highlight text to see)

I was a little surprised to see the Holden has beaten all 3 vehicles, even in a straight line. It is normally slower than its German benchmarks, not to mention this all carbon Alfa-Ferrari out of Italy. Maybe the tires on the Holden was semi-sleek, or the hosts wanted the HSV to win, but at the around AUD $150k across the board, the HSV will surely be the only car that would go up in its value and become a collector item.

From www.caradvice.com.au:

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Official HSV Trailer:


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