Change the color of the stitches inside your beloved Mustang

It is possible to just dye the stitches in your Mustang or any car if below conditions are met:

  • Original stitches are light coloured (eg. White, Grey, etc.)
  • Area near the stitches are made of leather or non absorbent fabric (eg. not Alcantara or Cloth)

Then you are in luck. Purchase pens such as FabricMate Marker:

FabricMate Marker

Below is the procedure:

  1. Clean the surfaces and stitches to get rid of dust and grease
  2. Apply the dyer on the stitches using back and forth motion
  3. Do a length of about 50 cm
  4. Use a clean microfiber cloth wipe off the leather around the stitches
  5. It is important to leave sufficient time for the dyer to get absorbed into the stitches but not left too long on the leather. That is why 50 CM is a good length before wiping happens.
  6. Repeat the process until all stitches are completed.
  7. To do 4 seats and 4 doors, 1 FabricMate marker is sufficient.
  8. To complete a two tone look, for example the M-power scheme, one can use a red and a blue pen.

Here are some results:


Front Right Door

Front Seat Upholstery

Front Left Door



  • Hello,

    Im looking for orange magma beam color pen for my car. Do you have it?

  • Hello again. Can you tell me if you can still buy these textures? I need red for my mustang. Please let me know if you can get this colour & post it to me & cost.


  • Hi. I was wondering if this would work on red stitching. I want to dye it to a teal blue and I’m not sure if there is a process. For example, do I need to dye it black then teal etc. Please let me know.

    Patrick Akkari
  • what color was this?

  • Thank you to Exotic Pony Mods for successfully activating my Iconic Tri-bar Day Time Running Lights, we completed the picture with simple install of EPM’s Tail Light Sequencers!


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