2015-2017 Mustang Dashcam Internal Fuse Box Connection EURO AU UK

The internal/interior fuse box is located on the right hand side of the car regardless where the steering wheel is

  • Passenger side - LHD
  • Driver side - RHD

Normally required fuse connect for Dashcam or any electronics that are similar in nature:

  • GND
  • Contant Power (constantly on even car is locked)
  • ACC Power (on when full accessory is on or engine is on)

Internal Fuse box

 (Reference: http://www.autogenius.info/ford-mustang-2016-fuse-box-diagram-eu-version/)

A good choice would be as shown below. Avoid using fuse car electronics that is critical and/or always on such as climate control, amplifier, car lock and airbag.

  • ACC power -- 23 (Switches.  Power windows.  Rear-view mirror)
  • Constant power - 29 (Left-hand rear-window power)

There is a screw on the chassis metal that can be used to connect the GND


Mustang Dashcam fuse box connection

Here is a recommended dashcam for the 6th gen Mustangs




  • I was following the directions BATT and ACC (23) they didn’t work, then my window didn’t work to what going on?

  • I think this page may recently have been updated, but previously the fuses suggested didn’t work. For anyone struggling, I have used 02 for constant power (BATT) and 36 for accessory (ACC) with success.

    Gary, I also found that the piggy back fuses (or the ones I picked up cheap on eBay at least) didn’t fit the slot. However, I lightly filed the corners off the black body off and they went in – I didn’t need to take much off.

  • Gary, 29 is the constant power, 23 is ACC power, I have made a mistake in there.

  • Question

    I have wired my 2017 S550 as described above, but the permanent feed (fuse 23) is obviously not correct as my Blackvue powers down with other auxiliaries like the radio when you exit vehicle.

    Any idea which other fuse position I could use, what internal system is always live?

    Thank you in anticipation of your advice.


    Gary Portsmouth
  • Hi Gary, Mustang needs 2 type of fuses: mini fuse for the bonnet, and Micro2 fuse for footwell. There are 2 types of micro fuses, micro and micro2. You need to get the micro2. Ebay/Amazon/Aliexpress


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